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Eduardo Souto Moura "Ten Houses Series – Souto Moura"
Published by Rockport Publishers | Publication date : October 1997 | ISBN : 1564963942 | PDF | 108 pages | English, Japanese | 38.6 MB

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The Ten Houses series makes the most important elements of architectural design available to a large and varied audience. Each infinitely useful volume presents one of the world’s foremost architects and features 10 of his or her finest residential works-including presentation, drawings, sketches, and working drawings. These full-color, highly affordable volumes will enhance any library, providing an essential reference for architecture students and individuals looking for home design ideas.

Eduardo Souto Moura graduated from the Oporto School of Architecture in 1980 where he later taught as an assistant professor until 1991. He has been a visiting professor at Harvard, Dublin, Zurich, and Lausanne.

In 1980, he established his own practice in Oporto and started designing a vast range of buildings, such as private houses and interior renovations, art galleries, a market in Braga, a cultural center in Oporto, a university building in Aviero, a transport museum in Oporto, a residential block in Oporto, and the conversion of the Mosterio de Santa Maria do Bouro into a state inn. Other works by Moura include a project for the Ponte dell'Accademia in Venice (Biennale di Venezia), 1985; a hotel in Salzburg, 1987; a project for the Porta dei Colli, Palmero, Sicily (Triennale di Milano), 1987; the exhitibion Um Museu Portugues Serralves in Expo'92 (Sevilha); an installation at the Architektur Forum in Zurich.

Moura's work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibited in Portugal, France, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia, the United States, and Switzerland. Moura has won several awards, including the first prize for the SEC cultural center in Oporto, 1981; the first prize for the redesign of Praca do Giraldo in Evora, 1982; the first prize in a competition for a hotel in Salzburg, 1987; the National Secil Award of Architecture, 1992; the International Prize for Stone in Architecture, 1995; and the Annual Award of the Portuguese Department of the International Association of Art Critics, 1996.

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